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This listserv forum is exclusively for the use of ISNR members to discuss professional and scientific issues. ISNR is primarily a professional society. Our membership includes many health professionals and researchers. It also includes educators, trainers and other individuals who work with neurofeedback. ISNR is not a credentialing organization. Membership does not imply any type of certification beyond a valid membership.  

PLEASE NOTE: Postings on this Forum do not represent any official position or opinion of ISNR. We cannot make claims regarding the nature or appropriateness of the opinions offered by members on this Forum, or whether they are experienced, professionally licensed, certified or otherwise credentialed. Postings are not intended to either constitute or substitute for in-person, professional medical or clinical advice or consultation on general techniques or specific problems. People who want to utilize any form of neurofeedback or any of the methods discussed on this Forum for any purpose whatsoever should not rely on the information they attained from this listserv alone, but should qualify themselves by face-to-face interactive professional training and supervised experience.  

This listserv is provided as a service to ISNR members. All members are welcomed (unless previously terminated) to the community. It is moderated. This means that when you send an email to be posted, it is juried by one of two moderators. This is to guarantee that emails that are posted have abided by the rules as stated below in the "Legalese Disclaimer." The moderation of the ISNR Members' Forum was established to accommodate a discussion group that is free from negative insinuations, slander, and inappropriate language and contains scientific dialog that will benefit the readers.  


This listserv is provided as a service of the International Society for Neurofeedback and research (ISNR). ISNR has established the specific Terms and Conditions of Use (the "Terms of Use") which follow to facilitate quality communications on this site. Violating antitrust laws, libeling others, selling, and marketing are not permitted.

By using ISNR's listserv, you agree that you understand and have agreed to all Terms of Use and will comply with them. ISNR reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership on all lists of users who violate these Terms of Use. 

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Moderator Rules 

1. Determine or oversee that the determination is made by the Membership Coordinator that a requester is a current ISNR member. Once correct member status is established, initiate the invitation. 

2. If a moderator wishes to post to the listserv, it must be approved by another moderator; moderators can not approve their own submissions.

3. Adhere to the established written guidelines for dealing with situations especially illegal, improper, or forged traffic. Illegal or forged traffic is rejected and improper posts are returned to the sender for modification.

4. Handle requests in a timely fashion. Although a longer turn around time may occur periodically (for example during the Christmas break), generally requests are processed by the next business day.

5. Respond promptly to people who have concerns about receiving improper or illegal messages. Requests concerning chain letters should be handled immediately.

6. Explain any system rules, such as disk quotas, attachment guidelines and to your users. Refer to the current member rules as set forth by the Board of Directors. Publications, new software/instrumentation, and continuing education announcements will be posted once only. 

7. Moderators will investigate any complaints in an objective manner, with an open mind.  If they are still not satisfied, complainants will be encouraged to bring the matter to the attention of the ISNR Board of Directors. 

8. Be sure the sender is clearly identified in the body of the email. Many email addresses do not display the full name of the poster. 

9. Encourage back-channel communications as appropriate, especially if the topic is of interest to few persons on the listserv. 

10. Do not use delivery receipts, non-delivery notices or vacation programs. These are neither totally standardized nor totally reliable across the range of systems connected to Internet mail. They are invasive when sent to mailing lists, and some people consider delivery receipts an invasion of privacy. 

11. Moderators serve at the pleasure of the ISNR Board of Directors and if all goes well can do so for a two-year period of time.  A moderator could be appointed for an additional term or terms. 

Adopted February 9, 2009

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